The blooming Japanese cherry flowers, known as さくら (桜) are an iconic part of Japanese culture.

During the blooming season, usually late March through April, millions of people visit parks and picnic under the falling petals. This is known as はなみ (花見) and is popular with people of all ages.

Japanese Tutoring - Sakura

Relevant Vocabulary:

さくら Sakura – Cherry Blossoms
 花見  はなみ  Cherry Blossom viewings/picnics (literally ‘flower viewing’)
 酒  さけ  Sake (Alcohol)
 弁当  べんとう  Bento box / Packed meal / Lunch box


いっしょに はなみを しませんか?
Won’t don’t we enjoy the cherry blossoms together?
  •  〜しませんか? = する (VERB) + 〜ませんか? (VERB ENDING)
    • する – To do (VERB)
    • 〜ませんか? – Why don’t we (VERB)?
  • 一緒に – together
Sakura (さくら) – Hanami (はなみ)
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