AlvieMelbourne Japanese Tutoring

Alvie first started her Japanese lessons with me in December 2014, when she was preparing to enter Grade 6. She first began learning Japanese at her Primary School in Grade 3, and is planning to continue her studies at High School next year.

When Alvie first started with me 6 months ago she was just beginning to learn Hiragana at her school. Since then I have worked with her on a weekly basis to improve her Japanese, to the point where she is now able to write Hiragana and Katakana, providing her a solid basis for her High School studies next year.

I spoke to Alvie recently to find out more about her study habits and goals.

How do you typically study Japanese?

I aim to study every day unless I’m busy. I usually study for 15-20 minutes, reading Japanese and reviewing my lessons.

What’s your favourite part of learning Japanese?

Writing in hiragana and katakana, as well as reading.

What is the most challenging part of learning Japanese?

I find that trying to remember all the Japanese words is the most challenging thing.

What would you like achieve this year in your Japanese studies?

I want to be able to speak full sentences in Japanese.

What’s your favourite word?

九日 – ここのか – 9th day of the month (because it sounds funny).